2013 Ogura Lectureship

June 7, 2013 marked the celebration of the 32nd Annual Ogura Lectureship and 27th Annual Resident Research Day. Carol R. Bradford, MD, Chair of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Michigan, was the featured speaker. Her talks were titled, Re-emergence of Primary Surgery in Head and Neck Cancer: the Evidence Basis, and Balancing Career and Family. Dr. Mimi Kokoska was our special Alumni Speaker this year. Her talk focused on Improving Value Along the Surgical Continuum: Before, During and After Incision. Additional talks were offered by nine of our residents and two student researchers. The Michael Paparella Resident Research Awards were given to Matthew Barton (1st Place) and Andrew Day (2nd Place). Congratulations to all our speakers for their fine work.