Katherine Kao, MD

Hometown: Stony Brook, NY

Personal Statement: I am interested in bacterial biofilms and their role in a variety of otolaryngologic diseases. My research will focus on the molecular mechanisms mediating biofilm adhesion and growth.


Undergraduate: Stony Brook University, BS Biochemistry, 2006

Medical School: Stony Brook University, 2011


Michael Paparella Research Award 2nd place, 2015
Michael Paparella Research Award 1st place, 2014
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholar, NIH, 2008-2009
Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence, 2006


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Kao WK, Parnes LS, Chole RA. Otolithic Membrane Fragments in the Semicircular Canal in Patients with BPPV. In Press (Laryngoscope).

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