Inaugural Spector Lectureship presented by Oto Alumnus, John B. Sunwoo, MD

The first annual J. Gershon Spector Lectureship in The Biology of Head and Neck Cancer was presented by Otolaryngology resident alumnus, John B. Sunwoo, MD. The title of Dr. Sunwoo's presentation was, "The Influence of Heterogeneity on Immune Response in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma."  Sunwoo was thankful for the "wonderful opportunity to visit and the very special honor of giving the first Spector Lecture."  He currently lives in Palo Alto, California, with his wife- Jill Hessler, class of 2005 - and their two children.  He currently serves as Associate Professor at Stanford University.

For Dr. Spector, the choice of inaugural speaker held a special significance.

"I have known John since high school when he and my son carpooled in the late 1980's.  He was a brilliant student at Washington University School of Medicine and became the administrative chief resident in his senior resident year in our department.  He anticipated the importance of epigenetics as well as tumor immunology and entered the field under good mentorship at our medial school."

The Spector Lectureship promotes the latest research, innovations and technology that have a bearing on the experimental study of tumor biology.

(Above) Drs. Buchman, Sunwoo and Spector (center front) flanked by the current otolaryngology residents.  Following the Spector Lecture, Dr. Sunwoo spent several hours assisting the residents with case evaluations.

Guest Lecturer John Sunwoo (top, left), enjoyed dinner at The Crossing, with Jay Piccirillo (top, right) and (front, L to R) Brian Nussenbaum, Richard Chole, Gershon Spector and Craig Buchman.