Washington University Voice and Airway Center

Welcome to the Washington University Voice & Airway Center. We are dedicated to the treatment of voice disorders and voice problems, offering the latest innovations in medical and surgical treatments for all conditions that affect the voice and airway.

We recognize the importance of vocal expression and normal eating/drinking to a person’s quality of life. Whether you depend on your voice as a professional singer or as someone who enjoys carrying a simple conversation, we have the knowledge and tools to help you. We believe in using a multidisciplinary approach through the combined talents of laryngologists and speech-language pathologists. This enables our patients to get comprehensive care at one location.

We are also one of a limited number of centers in the country, and the first in our region, that offers the pulsed KTP laser for the treatment of vocal lesions in the wake patient.

Our current research efforts include:

  • Defining the optimal duration of voice rest following phonomicrosurgery
  • Prevention of synkinesis after vocal fold paralysis
  • Recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation
  • Surgical treatment for spasmodic dysphonia

We see patients at the Center for Advanced Medicine on the Barnes-Jewish Hospital campus and at our West County location - 1020 N. Mason Rd. Medical Office Building 3, Suite 205, Creve Coeur, MO 63141.

To make an appointment with one of our specialists, call the appointment center at 1-800-437-5430 or 1-314-362-7509 and choose option #3.

Meet the Voice and Airway Center Team