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A Phase II Window of Opportunity Trial With GSK1120212 in Surgically Resectable Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Cancer

The rationale for this study in oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas rests on pre-clinical findings demonstrating that (a) activation of the ERK1/2 kinases is associated with aggressive features, (b) this aggressive phenotype is directly linked to expression of CD44, a cell surface hyaluronan receptor and (c) this association between activated ERK1/2 and CD44 is also identified in human cell lines and primary tumors. These data suggest that ERK1/2 is targetable biochemical pathway in CD44 expressing cells. These cells represent putative cancer stem cells or tumor initiating cells that have been associated with worse patient outcomes. Thus, the application of GSK1120212 to target OCSCC is a specific translational application of our laboratory findings. Click the title above for access to a full description or visit

For more information contact: Ravindra Uppaluri, MD, PhD at 314-362-6599 or