Clinical Research in Pediatric Otolaryngology

Dr. Judith Lieu is a Pediatric Otolaryngologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital and an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University School of Medicine and has many research interests. Current research focuses on the effects and consequences of hearing loss in children, especially unilateral hearing loss (hearing loss in one ear). She uses clinical epidemiology research methods, and collaborates with colleagues in neuroscience, psychology, and auditory science to investigate speech-language, cognition, educational effects, executive functioning, and quality-of-life in children with hearing loss. She hopes to identify factors that can lead to targeted earlier intervention and possibly better educational performance or language skills acquisition in the future. Current Areas of Research in Children include:

  • - Development and Validation of Preschool HEAR-QL Questionnaire
  • - Hearing Loss and Cognition
  • - Unilateral hearing loss and MRI study