Cochlear Fluids Simulator

Cochlear Fluids Simulator v 3.14

Page Updated 11/10/2016

Available for download free from this site

This is our most comprehensive simulation program of the ear to date, now including guinea pig, human and mouse anatomic data. Please be aware this simulator is not intended for entertainment purposes, but is a serious research tool for those applying drug and other substances to the inner ear. This simulator is rather more more complex than previous versions. It now includes all the fluid and tissue compartments of the cochlea (including spiral ligament, spiral ganglion, auditory nerve, etc.) and all the fluid compartments of the vestibule.

The program is written in “Real Studio, now called XOJO”. The reasons for this choice were:

The program needs no “Installation”. It is provided as a stand-alone .EXE file that runs on Windows and as an App that runs on a Mac The program must be given permission to run and also requires permission to write to the Fluidsim folder in order to work.

On a Mac, you will have to go to Settings/Security and temporarily allow all Apps to be run. When you have run the program for the first time, you can set your security settings back to what they were (e.g. limited to Apps from the Apple store). The program runs under El Capitan and earlier versions of OSX but does not run under Mac Sierra. Apparently security has been enhanced in Sierra and downloaded programs are "translocated", so this program does not work.

Download Version 3.14 Simulator Program (Nov 10, 2016)

Download the folder and "extract" it if it is delivered as a zip file. All the files must be present in the same “Fluidsim” folder, so do not move any. You can then open the folder and click on Fluidsim.exe (for Windows) or the Fluidsim App (for Mac) which will start the program. The program must remain in the Fluidsim folder with all the associated files in order to run.

If you have a prior version of the program installed, either delete the folder of the older version or rename it to something else (e.g. OldFluidsim) before downloading and extracting the new version. This is because many of the setup files have changed in this version and the program needs the new files.

The program will NOT RUN if you are in a country that uses a different number system (such as the German use of commas as the decimal point). All the setup files assume a period (.) as the decimal and commas as the delimiters between fields. You will typically see an “out of bounds” error because the program mis-reads numeric values from the setup files. The same problem occurs if you open the setup files in Excel, so it is not specific to this simulator.

To start using the program – first try one or two of the “Demo” options from the upper taskbar. Each Demo loads a specific set of parameters. Hit the “Simulate” button to start the calculations with each specific configuration. Output is shown on the “Display” page, or on the “Graphs” page (via the Window option on the taskbar). There is an instruction manual in the directory which may help orient you (FluidSim3Manual.doc)

The development of this program has been supported by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant through the National Institutes on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), grant number DC 01368.

Programming of the model was performed by Alec Salt and Mason Bretan. If you have any problems or question about the model, then please contact me at