July 2016:
Letter to the Editor published in Otology & Neurotology titled "Drug diffusion to the apex of the human cochlea?" A comment on "Kang WS, Nguyen K, McKenna CE, Sewell WF, McKenna MJ, Jung DH. Intracochlear Drug Delivery Through the Oval Window in Fresh Cadaveric Human Temporal Bones.

June 2016:
Alec Salt gave three invited presentations at Roche Pharmaceuticals Inc., Basel, Switzerland.

February 2016:
Published paper in Audiology & Neurotology. Plontke SK, Hartsock JJ, Gill RM, Salt AN Intracochlear drug injections through the round window membrane: Measures to improve drug retention.

February 2016:
Presented 4 papers at the ARO (Association for Research in Otolaryngology) meeting in San Diego, CA