Ongoing Research Support

NIH/NIDCD 5R01DC001368-24 (Alec Salt, PI) 3/1/1991 – 5/312020
“Inner Ear Fluid Interactions"

The goals of this project are to understand mechanisms of cochlear fluid regulation, with an emphasis on the pharmacokinetics of drugs in inner ear fluids. We have developed novel methods to deliver drugs to the ear quantitatively, and to measure their concentration in inner ear fluids through fluids sampling or with ion-selective electrodes. Data are interpreted using mathematical models of solute dispersal in the inner ear fluid spaces based on accurate 3D measurements of inner ear geometry. Current projects are seeking to deliver drugs to the ear more effectively and to establish the pharmacokinetic properties of different drugs in the ear, so that those that re most effective can be selected for clinical use. Alec Salt is the PI of the project.

Cochlear American 11/2014 - 10/2016
"Cochlear fluid pharmacokinetics with a cochlear implant drug delivery system"

Goals : Drugs are applied to directly to perilymph of guinea pigs through a cochlear implant incorporating a drug delivery cannula. After a period of application, perilymph is sampled and measured drug concentrations are compared with computer simulations of the delivery protocol. These studies will provide an accurate pharmacokinetic representation of drug delivery to the inner ear through a cochlear implant.

NIH/NIDCD R01 (Hirose : Principal Investigator; Salt: Co Investigator) 12/15-11/20
"Cochlear Macrophages and epithelial repair"

NIH/NIDCD P30 DC004665 (Richard A. Chole, PI)
"Research Core Center for Auditory and Vestibular Studies"

The Research Center provides centralized resources and facilities within the Department of Otolaryngology and supports NIDCD-funded research as well as the development of research projects that coincide with mission areas of the NIDCD. Currently, the Research Center comprises four research cores: Histology, Microscopy and Digital Imaging, Sensory Functional Testing and Clinical and Translational Research.