Ongoing Research Support

NIH Research Project Grant (R01DC016066)

Roles of the Synapse in Hair-Cell Pathology


The goal of this research is to understand how pathological changes at the hair-cell synapse stemming from excessive noise exposure ultimately contribute to sensorineural hearing loss.


Action on Hearing Loss International Grant  

Identifying Novel Therapies to Promote Nerve Regeneration and Hair-Cell Nerve Reinnervation

03/01/17 – 3/01/20

The goal of this project is to identify compounds that may promote cochlear nerve regeneration and hair-cell reinnervation by performing a large-scale drug screen for modulators of lateral-line organ regeneration in zebrafish.

Children's Discovery Institute

Prevention of Sensory Pathology following Cisplatin Chemotherapy

07/01/18 – 6/30/21

The goal of this project is to identify novel protectants against cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity by performing a large-scale drug screen in zebrafish. This screen will not only provide information toward pharmacological interventions that may protect auditory nerve fibers, but will also identify compounds that may protect against general cisplatin-induced sensory neuropathy.