Events / Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

8:00 a.m.-11:10 a.m.
Hybrid (Zoom & Ogura)

Otology Core Curriculum:

8:00-8:45am – Vestibular Schwannoma
Presenter:  Cameron Wick, MD

8:50-10:00AM and 10:00-11:10AM – Temporal Bone lab #4: Translabyrinthine Approach (Cameron Wick, MD)

Lab Group 1 (8:50-10:00): Ettytreddy, R Dang, S Chen, Jiramongkolchai, Lindburg, Craig, Douglas, Chang, Last, J Lee, S Dang, Lander

Lab Group 2 (10:00 -11:10): Sinha, Slijepcevic, Skillington, Valenzuela, Sciegienka, D Lee, Ramirez, Sindhar, Tharakan, Strober, Varghese, Youssef

Please note: times for journal club and core curriculum will be adjusted on the fly to maximize lab time. Lab group 1 should be in McMillan Hospital for Grand Rounds and Dr. Wick’s lecture. If you need to switch lab groups, please trade with someone from your same PGY cohort.