Events / Educational Activities

Educational Activities

7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Ogura Learning Center

7:00AM-8:00AM, Ogura Learning Center
Journal Club (reading materials are saved on Box):
The Impact of Cognitive and Implicit Bias on Patient Safety and Quality (Balakrishnan, 2019)
Analysis of Human Performance Deficiencies Associated with Surgical Adverse Events (Suliburk, 2019)
Presenters: Nneoma Wamkpah, Tom Barrett
Moderators: Drs. Schneider and Lieu

8:15AM-9:00AM -“ Otology Core Curriculum
Temporal Bone Lab #7
Jacques A. Herzog, MD

9:10AM-11:00AM, 10th Floor SIM LAB
Otology Core Curriculum
Lab: Otosclerosis
Lab: Canaloplasty, Ossiculoplasties, Endoscopic Ear Station
Jacques A. Herzog, MD