Katherine Chang, MD

MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

"I was floored by the mad karaoke skills of my fellow residents and attendings at our last chief resident graduation dinner."

Hometown: Sylvania, OH

Personal Statement: I remember being extremely excited when I was invited for an interview to WUSTL as I had heard great things from my mentors about the excellence of this program. On my interview day, I felt the faculty were genuinely interested in me as a person in addition to my academic and research accomplishments. From talking to the faculty and residents, I knew that this program would push me to be the best I could be while providing a supportive environment to grow. I truly felt that this program offered the strongest surgical training and research opportunities of all the places I interviewed. St. Louis is also an extremely charming city with a lot of character and a vibrant art scene! I love cooking, exploring new breweries, traveling, and binging Netflix/HBO shows. I also love dogs, dog parks, dog beaches, and dog sitting.


Undergraduate: The Ohio State University

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


  • Physician in Society Learning Community Poster Winner 2015
  • Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting Travel Award 2018
  • Pelotonia Research Fellowship Recipient 2013-2014
  • Graduated Honors with Research Distinction and Magna Cum Laude 2014


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