Ricardo Ramirez, MD

MD: Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

"The collaborative environment and diversity of our program facilitates excellent teaching, patient care, and robust research."

Hometown: St. Louis, MO  

Personal Statement: I am very fortunate to be joining the otolaryngology program at Washington University in St. Louis. I look forward to pursuing a career in academic head and neck surgery, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities provided by this program. I have a strong interest in outcomes research and global surgery. Outside of medicine, I enjoy music, traveling, and discovering new types of food and drink. 


Medical School: Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, 2014 

Honors and Awards 

2014 Recipient – International Health Central American Institute Foundation Scholarship 


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Chamieh J, Tan WH, Ramirez R, Nohra E, Apakama C, Symons W. Synthetic versus Biologic Mesh in Single-Stage Repair of Complex Abdominal Wall Defects in a Contaminated Field. Surgical Infections. Feb/Mar 2017;18(2):112-118. PMID: 27754767 

Ramirez RJ, Spinella PC, Bochicchio GV. Tranexamic Acid Update in Trauma. Critical Care Clinics. Jan 2017;33(1):85-99. PMID: 27894501 

Winfield RD, Mellnick VM, Chamieh J, Nohra E, Tan WH, Ramirez RJ, Raptis C, Turnbull IR, Bochicchio K, Reese S, Spinella PC, Bochicchio GV. Adipose Tissue Location and Contribution to Postinjury Hypercoagulability. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. July 2016, 81:1, 79-85. PMID: 27120319