Sebastian Sciegienka, MD

MD: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Hometown: Sheldon, Iowa

Personal Statement: I’m thrilled to be training at Washington University. When I was interviewing at programs, I kept an eye out for institutions that provided outstanding academic exposure and enough surgical rigor to prepare its trainees to practice all facets of otolaryngology. WashU fit the bill perfectly and has an incredibly cohesive, fun group of residents to boot!


Undergraduate:  University of Iowa – BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology 2013

Medical School:  University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine 2018

Honors & Awards

  • Junior Alpha Omega Alpha Inductee
  • Carver College of Medicine Research Scholar Travel Award Winner
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Student Service Leadership Project Award
  • Berens-Krehbiel Research Scholarship & Award
  • University of Iowa President’s List


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