Welcome to the Kim Lab. We are a basic and translational science laboratory dedicated to understanding cochlear function at the cellular level and to improve our ability to prevent drug-induced hearing loss.

Our Mission

The ability to obtain multicellular functional images in vivo has transformed neuroscience research, especially the field of sensory physiology. However, advancement of our understanding of inner ear physiology has fallen far behind other fields because of the physical difficulty to access the cochlea which invariably causes irreversible damage to auditory function. Our novel surgical methods allow real-time visualization of multiple cochlear cells in hearing-preserved animals. We use these approaches to help characterize the properties of sound coding and processing in the cochlea and along the central auditory pathway. Our efforts will also shed light on the transport of ototoxic drugs into the cochlea and promote the development of pathway blockers to prevent drug-induced hearing loss.

Contact Us

Mailing address:
Jinkyung Kim, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Ave.
Campus Box 8115
St. Louis, MO 63110
Phone: 314-362-4319

Physical Location:
Room 2278 (office) and 2229 (lab)
Central Institute for the Deaf at Washington University
4560 Clayton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

For direct inquiries about the lab’s research or scientific opportunities:
Jinkyung Kim, PhD
Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
Email: jinkyung@wustl.edu

Make a donation to support our research
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Our laboratory harnesses cutting edge technology to advance knowledge of normal function of the auditory system and disease processes that negatively impact that function.

Our research is generously supported by gifts and grants from both federal and private philanthropic agencies. However, the tech-heavy nature of our research and the need to use the most up-to-date techniques, requires significant financial resources.  With greater support, our work can reach new heights.

If you wish to support our research with a gift, please contact Jinkyung Kim, PhD, or the the Development Office at Washington University School of Medicine to determine how your contributions can advance our cause and improve the lives of patients with hearing disorders.