Inner Ear Fluids Research

Normal inner ear fluids composition is essential to maintain the sensitivity of the ear. We are interested in how the fluids are maintained and regulated under normal and abnormal conditions, and how this affects auditory function.

Drug Delivery to the Inner Ear

Local drug delivery to the inner ear has become widely used in the clinic to treat a number of conditions. We study how the applied drugs get into the inner ear, where they spread to and how long they remain there. Experiments are interpreted by computer simulations of the inner er fluids. This work helps optimize drug delivery protocols so that maximum benefit is achieved.

Infrasound Research

We study how the ear responds to very low frequency noise, including infrasound. Wind turbines generate high levels of infrasound which some people find disturbing. We have shown that while you can't hear infrasound, your ears are detecting and responding to it, and it may affect your health through non-auditory pathways.