Employees recognized for years of service

At our department’s annual Town Hall October 24, 17 employees were recognized for their dedication to the department, with anniversaries ranging from five to thirty-five years.
Congratulations and a big thank you to all of these employees.

10 Years:

Stacia Jansen
Liza B. Ledesma
Song-Zhe Li
Steven P. Smith
Mary Kathleen Keefe
Linda Ann Neal

15 Years:

Denise Welsch
Kelly Damico
Jaclynn Lett
Elizabeth Mauze
Sarah Pourchot
Angie Schrader
Brent P. Spehar
Sallie Vanderhoof

25 Years:

Diane F. Duddy
Maria B. Harrington

35 Years:

Judy Lynne Peterein