April 2024 – “My quality of life has been 1000% better”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Lauren Roland, MD, MSCI:

“I could not speak more highly of Dr. Roland…she is the best! My quality of life has been 1000% better since the surgery!”

April 2024 – “Very nice and knowledgeable.”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Ryan S. Jackson, MD:

“Dr. Jackson was amazing. Very nice and knowledgeable. He took his time explaining what was going on and our course of action. We felt scared but assured we were in the best hands.”

March 2024 – “incredibly organized, considerate, and friendly”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Nyssa Fox Farrell, MD:

“Dr. Farrell is incredibly organized, considerate and friendly. She seems thorough and very skilled and explains medical information in very understandable terms.”

March 2024 – “listens well, answers questions clearly”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with John Schneider, MD, MA, FACS:

“Dr Schneider always listens well, answers questions clearly and honestly, and demonstrates concern for my well-being. He’s friendly, kind, compassionate, and determined to help me heal. I appreciate that his courtesy doesn’t feel forced, that he takes my concerns seriously, and that he treats me with kindness. It can be hard to find a specialist, especially one considered to be at the top of his field by others of his specialty, who doesn’t treat patients like objects on an assembly line. I’m grateful to be treated as a person who matters by Dr Schneider.”

February 2024 – “exceeded all my expectations”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Matthew Rohlfing, MD:

“Dr. Rohlfing has exceeded all my expectations and has been great explaining all procedures and care to me and my wife. Thank you.”

February 2024 – “above and beyond the call of duty”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Jason Rich, MD:

“I highly recommend Dr. Rich, he has gone above and beyond the
call of duty. His care and compassion is unmatched. His expertise and judgement creates a level of trust that helps the patient/ provider relationship and makes the patient and family feel confident and promotes the healing process in a wholistic

January 2024 – “attentive to my needs and listens to my concerns”

A grateful patient shared this following a visit with Molly Huston, MD:

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Huston. She’s very attentive to my needs and listens to concerns. She offers the best possible treatment and I love her professional doctor/patient manners.”

January 2024 – “professional, polite, empathetic and thorough”

A recent patient commented on the great service he received from Medical Assistant III, Morgan Stewart:

“I LOVE Morgan Stewart, Dr. Huston’s nurse. She’s very professional, polite, empathetic, professional, polite and thorough. She follows through on requests and she follows up to see if anything else is needed. She listens to my concerns and is able to offer suggestions.”

December 2023 – “very down to earth, spoke with professional empathy and compassion”

A grateful patient shared the following note following a visit with Ryan Jackson, MD:

“Dr. Jackson is very down to earth, spoke with professional empathy and compassion that made all the difference in easing my anxiety and stress”.

November 2023 – “compassionate and informative”

A recent patient commented on the great service he received from Patient Billing/Services Rep Daja Moore:

“She was very understanding of my current situation while also being informative and providing excellent customer service and compassion. I would like to see more people of her caliber, and for her to be rewarded for her outstanding work”.

October 2023 – “forever grateful”

A grateful patient shared the following note following a visit with Jason Rich, MD:

“Top notch, professional people run this office. Dr. Jason Rich has saved my life, and I am forever grateful to him. I consider myself very blessed to have been referred to Dr. Rich to take care of my skin cancer.”

September 2023 – “explains things in a very non-doctor way”

A grateful patient shared the following note following a visit with Allison Ogden,MD:

“I love this doctor. I wish all doctors were like her. She takes her time with you, listens, and answers all your questions. She does not rush her way through. And, she explains thing in a very non-doctor way.”

August 2023 – “Incredible, kind and compassionate”

A grateful patient shared the following note following a visit with Maithilee Menezes, MD:

“I cannot describe how thankful I am to have met you today. You were nothing but incredible, kind, and compassionate. Your empathy and kindness just shined the entire visit. I’m so so thankful, that by the grace of my God, your god, whoever!!!, that we got you for our daughter. I hope your staff and nurses and other patients (parents) can see how amazing you are. Even our son said “Wow mom! She was so nice and sweet. If I ever need my ears looked at, I want to go to her!” I have a large village of mamas with special needs kiddos, and I have reached out to multiple of them, already, to see if they can get in to see you. It is rare that a specialist listens and acknowledges a parent’s point of view. We know we don’t have the education you do. We know we don’t have the medical knowledge that you do.  But you listened and you were so kind and easy to be around! I just wanted to make sure you know that you made my day just by being you.” 

July 2023 – “Her remarks were sincere & we felt truly welcomed”

A recent patient commented on the great service he received from Patient Billing/Services Rep II Trina Neely:

“My husband and I have been coming regularly for several years for appointments with audiology. Every time we come into the front desk of the ENT office, we are treated with respect and kindness. And we notice a spirit of cooperation and even fun among the entire staff. It feels as if people really like working here, definitely not the same feeling we get in other offices. Yesterday, we got a very special welcome from Trina Neely. When we entered the office, the receptionist was helping someone else. Trina saw us waiting and invited us back to her desk. We had only a brief encounter with her as she checked us in, but during that time she just exuded friendliness and joy. Her remarks were sincere, we felt truly welcomed, and we went to sit in the waiting room feeling especially happy.

If all of us could greet strangers with such sincere friendliness, the world would be a better place! Please convey our thanks to Trina and the rest of your fine staff.”

March 2023 – “In a word, she was amazing! She was extraordinarily kind, patient, and informative.”

A recent patient commented on the great service he received from Medical Records Clerk Nancy Oliver:

“It was my good fortune today to speak with Nancy of your medical records department. In a word, she was amazing! She was extraordinarily kind, patient, and informative. She went to great lengths to explain all the procedures, to give me the proper contact numbers, and to explain how to navigate this new-to-me process between Barnes and my neurologist’s office. Moreover, she was compassionate, and took an interest in me as a person and not simply a disembodied voice on the other end of the receiver. I can’t tell you what a difference that made to me.”

February 2023 – “helpful, and went above and beyond”

A recent patient commented on the great service he received from Billings/Scheduling Associate II Tannisha Carpenter:

“Tannisha was helpful and pleasant on the phone. She went above and beyond to help with my elderly mother.”

“Jackie is very good at her job.”

“Just wanted to share with you that Jackie Pinkerton is very professional and wonderful.  This is a lady who clearly cares about her job and her patients.  She takes time to answer questions and explains things to me that I do not understand.  You just don’t find that too often; so many assistants just hurry up and don’t take time to figure out what is needed.  Jackie is very good at her job”.

“You helped just as much as the devices.”

Audiologist Carolyn Bequette, AuD, recently received a note of gratitude from a patient:

“You don’t even know, or maybe you do, how close I was to a nervous breakdown that day, and you were so patient and kind with me and my frantic feelings.  You helped just as much as the devices.

Thank you again for everything.  Knowing ahead of time that hearing aids actually did make a huge difference made it easier to get permanents, and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and understanding!”

“Positive outcome by far”

Craig Buchman, MD, FACS recently received a kind note from a patient with rare adult Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder. The patient wrote: “I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say “thank you” for everything. Although I know it will be a long process, this first month has been life-changing and that’s all because of you. A positive outcome by far, and I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. If I can be of assistance in any type of research, I would be more than willing. 

Again, thank you for everything that you have done. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.”

Youth requests church donation to OTO

Dr. Andrew J. Drescher with Klayton and Karter Clark.

“You know you have a good doctor when he can make you smile and let you ugly cry on his shoulder,” wrote Sarah Clark about Dr. Andrew J. Drescher . “He has taken such good care of our boys and us!” Dr. Drescher and the audiology team at Children’s Specialty Care Center have cared for Clark’s sons Klayton and Karter for 10 years.

Once a year, the youth at Clark’s New Prospect Church vote to determine where the offering will be given. Thirteen-year-old Klayton proposed Children’s Specialty Care Center ENT/Audiology, which then won the vote. Thanks to all the Clarks and New Prospect Church for the donation!

“You guys are heroes to me”

“The doctors and nurses at St. Lous Children’s Hospital are magicians and make kids and parents feel comfortable,” said the mother of Russell, a recent surgery patient of Drs. David Molter (ENT) and Jessica Pittman (pulmonology).

“You have no idea,” she wrote. “You guys are heroes to me. Russell thought the whole thing was sorta fun. My mom asked were you scared, and he said ‘nooooooo’.”

Exceptional efficiency and compassion

We recently received a note from a patient’s son regarding service provided by Michele Ferraro, our manager of scheduling .

“I just want to let you know about the exceptional efficiency and compassion that Ms. Ferraro provided to me in expediting care for my Mom with Dr. Cameron Wick’s office today. Ms. Ferraro is a great reflection of the high standards of Wash U’s Medical Center.” Great work Michele!

Duty above and beyond

A patient’s husband recently sent a note to the department praising Angie Moeller, Patient Billing Services Rep II.

“I am writing to compliment you on your excellent choice of an employee named Ms. Angie Moeller. Recently I made an appointment for my wife to have hearing tests at CID and Ms. Moeller not only brought a wheelchair to the parking lot for my wife, but insisted on pushing it to the building and to the office; then when the testing was finished, pushed it back to the car. And she has such a pleasing personality. You are fortunate to have such an excellent person in your employ.”