Biotek Cytation5 provides cutting edge technology for new assays and techniques

The Cytation5 allows for customized protocols to be written for imaging, quantification and analysis. This results in less time spent counting cells at the scope. The Cytation5 also serves as a plate reader that allows measurement of absorbence, luminescence and fluorescence signals. Other assays include high throughput style screening using automated reagent injectors, nucleic acid and protein quantification, cellular invasion and proliferation assay analysis.



Nikon Ti2-E facilitates new efforts

The Nikon Eclipse Ti2 microscope is a great tool for taking high quality publication ready images. Similar to the Cytation5, the Nikon Eclipse Ti2 has built in quantification tools for cell counting and measuring fluorescent signal. The Z-stack module creates in focus 3D images perfect for imaging organoids or sphere cultures. The motorized drive, extra large field of view, auto-exposure, and four different filter wavelengths consistently produce great looking images.




Puram Lab is up and running!

After months of hard work, the Puram lab is a fully functioning lab equipped with new state-of-the art equipment. Our lab manager, Ashley, continues to develop basic lab protocols, create stable cell lines, and generate 10X single cell RNA sequencing libraries which will serve as the foundation for the lab’s research. The Puram lab is eager to build a team of motivated and talented students, faculty, and staff.