The department’s investigations cover the full spectrum of research endeavors, including basic science, applied and clinical science, clinical trials, and clinical outcomes research.

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The Department of Otolaryngology is among the largest and most heavily funded otolaryngology research groups in the country, consistently ranking among the top nationally in NIH funding. In addition, the department is the proud recipient of a R25 Training Grant to develop clinician scientists through our Physician-Scientist Training Program. A multidisciplinary, collaborative culture fuels innovation.


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Active research projects

Explore our active research projects »

Research centers

The Harold W. Siebens Hearing Research Center provides for focused research in two primary areas:

The Fay & Carl Simons Center for the Biology of Hearing and Deafness is a group of investigators within the department that study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of auditory signal transduction, sensory cell death and regeneration and development. Ongoing and new studies within this group are adding to our understanding of the molecular and cellular processes of the development of neural connections, hearing loss and the potential for future treatments.

Additional areas of research focus within the department include the study of normal vestibular function and vestibular disorders, head and neck cancer and its treatment and improved treatment options for a variety of otolaryngologic diseases.