As a candidate for the Physician-Scientist Program,  please submit the following supplemental information as a single pdf file so that we may consider your application more extensively before our final selection for interviews. The deadline for submitting your research supplemental is Thursday, October 6, 2022.

You can email your Physician-Scientist information to:

Research Supplemental Required Information
  1. Complete and return the Research Supplemental Information PDF fillable form
  2. Research interests – Provide a brief description of your research interests and research background (total of 2-3 paragraphs). At the top of the page, include your name and AAMC number.What specific aspect of Otolaryngology is of most interest to you and why (e.g., otology, laryngology, rhinology, outcomes research)? If you have a specific study you would like to perform during your research years, please include a brief outline of that study. Indicate if work in a specific departmental laboratory interests you. Please visit our website If you have broad interests and have not decided on a particular research area/laboratory/mentor at this time, please indicate so. Please be assured that your application will not be adversely rated if you don’t have a particular research project in mind. We strongly encourage applications from individuals with interests in clinical and translational research and population health sciences.Please note our research training program is primarily funded by NIDCD whose mission is focused on hearing, balance, taste, smell, voice, speech and language. Therefore, proposed research should address one or more of these areas.
  3. Research experience – include specialized training or skills in a particular area.

Individuals applying for the seven-year program will be interviewed by a mix of clinicians and physician-scholars in otolaryngology. If you’ve been invited to interview and there is a particular research scientist or physician-scholar you would like to meet with, please let us know.

For more information regarding our program and research opportunities in the Department, please check our website at and the following webpages: Residency Programs and Physician-Scientist Training Program.