Q&A with Patient Billing/Services Rep II Tom Clement

Tom enjoys playing, surrounded by his guitar collection.
head shot of Tom Clement
Tom Clement

What is your current position in the department? 

My title is patient billing/services rep in the Division of Adult Audiology at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital. I work primarily as an administrative assistant, but I will do whatever a patient needs me to do for them. 

How long have you been with Washington University and with the Department of Otolaryngology? 

As of this month, I have been with WashU 30 years. I’ve worked in the Department of Otolaryngology for 21 of those 30 years and in the division of adult audiology for about five years. I previously worked in neurology as an electroencephalography (EEG) technician and moved to otolaryngology in 1999. 

What do you like best about your job? 

Tom Clement and his wife Leann

I really enjoy being able to help our patients with whatever they need. They are all so pleasant and grateful for everything we do for them. I also appreciate getting to know them better over the years and developing a rapport with them. 

What is the most memorable work experience you’ve had working in audiology? 

Probably the most memorable experience was with a patient who had come in for his first follow-up appointment after getting his first pair of hearing aids a couple weeks prior. I asked him how he was doing with them and he said, “When I left here with them last appointment, I was so surprised to actually hear birds again!” It was really nice to know how much we had made a difference in his life. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Another favorite pastime of Tom’s is fishing, here at Baring Lake in Memphis, MO while visiting a childhood friend.

In my spare time I like to read, play guitar, garden, watch movies, go out to eat and just putter around the house. 

Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share with us? 

One of my favorite quotes is actually a song lyric from an obscure band called XTC. The line goes, “Life’s like a firework. You’re only lit once. And you must stand and radiate correctly.” I take that to mean we should live life to the fullest.