Q&A with Senior Accounting Assistant Sarah Piel

photo of Sarah Piel and husband Eric
Sarah Piel and husband Eric enjoy a visit to Charleville Winery.

Accounting assistant Sarah Piel may work remotely, but finds a way to always make a difference in others’ lives.

How long have you been with the Department of Otolaryngology?

I have held the role of Senior Department Accounting Assistant for almost two years and I have been with WashU a total of five years. Prior to my time at WashU, I worked for BJC as a Business Analyst on the Epic Team.

Sarah Piel and husband Eric attend a Cardinals game.

What do you like most about your work here?

I feel like I’m making a difference. Even though I work remotely and don’t get to see the many faces I interact with, I feel that at the end of the day I truly made a difference, however small. I enjoy the collaborative work environment and the opportunity to work with talented and passionate individuals!

While attending Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville for college, I worked as a scribe in the emergency department at Anderson Hospital & I loved every second of that job! I knew one day I wanted to continue to be involved in the healthcare world somehow!

What was your childhood like?

Piel shares a squeeze with her two boys, Rhett (left) and Ezra, at the St. Charles Octoberfest.

I grew up on the Illinois side of the river, in O’Fallon, with my parents & younger sister. I now reside in a small town up on a bluff in Valmeyer, Illinois with my husband Eric, two boys Rhett (2) and Ezra (5 months), and our chocolate lab Scout. It is small town living at its finest with gorgeous fall and winter scenery!

What spare time activities bring you the most joy?

My two boys, Rhett & Ezra are my entire world, and making memories with them as they grow brings me immense joy! When I do get some time to myself I enjoy running, working out, and finding a patio with friends that has a live band! An activity that doesn’t particularly bring me joy is cooking. Fortunately for all of us, my husband loves to cook!

I also love a good glass of crisp wine. My go-to is a nice Pinot Grigio or Meiomi Pinot Noir.

What words do you try to live by and why?

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Piel and son Rhett in their matching “Run Cranio” swag.

I love this quote by Mother Teresa because life is too short to not spread kindness! You have the power to improve someone else’s day, maybe even their whole life simply by giving them your compassion and kindness. Do it and be a blessing to someone today.   

What would most surprise your colleagues to learn about you?

I’ve completed two half marathons, a marathon relay & more 5k races than I can count! One of my favorite 5Ks that I do yearly now is Run4Cranio, a fundraiser for the Cranio Care Bears organization. My son Rhett was diagnosed with metopic craniosynostosis when he was 4 months old.