WashU team shares expertise in skull base surgery

Faculty and residents from the departments of Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery work closely together on many patient cases and research to advance patient care, so it’s no surprise that they would find themselves presenting at the same national meetings.

Most recently, faculty and residents from both departments demonstrated their expertise in skull base surgery at the North American Skull Base Society meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

On the Vestibular Schwannoma panel, Cameron Wick, MD, gave a talk on “What is the best long-term hearing option.”

Christine Klatt-Cromwell, MD, presented on “Skull base coding” and “Management of CSF Leaks and Encephaloceles Assocated with IIH.”

Klatt-Cromwell also served as the Special Sessions Chair for the meeting.

Ricardo Ramirez, MD, Cristine Klatt-Cromwell, MD, and Jake Lee, MD present their research at the recent NASBS Meeting

Residents Jake Lee, MD, and Ricardo Ramirez, MD, shared their poster on “Utilizing the Transpterygoid/Parapharyngeal Corridor for Free Flap Reconstruction of Cranio-orbital Defects: A Case Series”

Dr. Lee also shared a poster presentation with otolaryngology’s second-year medical student Adam Liebendorfer. The poster was entitled: “Endoscopic Endonasal Free Flap Reconstruction with Draft Procedure After Failed Cranialization: Technical Report and Case Series”.

Neurosurgery was also well represented with Jennifer Strahle, MD, who along with Dr. Klatt-Cromwell spoke during a session about women in skull base.

Michael Chicoine, MD, participated in the “Expert Debate” with a talk on “Schwannomas –Operate or Radiate.”