Piccirillo leads clinical trial for HHT-epistaxis

Headshot of Dr. Piccirillo with WashU shield

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia or HHT is a rare bleeding disorder caused by arteriovenous malformations that result in telangiectasias, small widened or broken vessels near the surface of the skin that are often accompanied by bleeding. Although HHT can affect any organ or area of the body, epistaxis or nosebleed is the most common recurring symptom, […]

Researchers seek to correct COVID-19-related loss of smell

Loss of smell, also known as anosmia, is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. The Clinical Outcomes Research Office led by Washington University Professor of Otolaryngology Jay Piccirillo, MD, and Assistant Professor Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, has been conducting olfactory research for the past four years. The lab has investigated several treatments for persistent […]

Otolaryngology research enterprise shifts gears due to COVID-19

Headshot of Dr. Piccirillo with WashU shield

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington University School of Medicine required all principal investigators and directors of research groups to put into place research contingency plans by March 23.  The key feature of the research contingency plan was to define the “essential” and “important” functions of the lab and to build a contingency plan […]

Clinical trial hopes to restore hearing for patients with vestibular schwannomas

Patients deafened from a vestibular schwannoma have very limited options to restore hearing in their affected ear. Researchers at Washington University hope to change that paradigm. In a new FDA-approved clinical trial, the lateral skull base team will evaluate  a new Auditory Nerve Testing System that may allow tumor removal with simultaneous cochlear implantation. Currently, […]