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Faculty and residents present at Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings

Photos of doctors at 2022 COSM
Jacques Herzog, MD (center), pictured with with Bruce Gantz, MD (left), and Craig Buchman, MD, celebrates his induction as a Triological Society Fellow at the 2022 Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM).

Faculty and residents from the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University School of Medicine shared advancements in research and patient care at the recent Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM) in Dallas, April 27-May 1.

Photo of Amit Walia and Craig Buchman
Amit Walia, MD (left), pictured with American Neurotology Society President Craig Buchman, MD, received the Society’s Trainee Award.

Of special note:

  • Amit Walia, MD, received the Trainee Award from the American Neurotology Society for his work using electrocochleography to predict speech-perception performance in cochlear implant recipients.
  • Jacques Herzog, MD, was inducted as a fellow of the Triological Society for his work on cognitive assessment in elderly cochlear implant recipients.

The mission of COSM is to bring together the membership of the nine COSM societies, otolaryngology residents in training, medical students and allied health professionals for the purpose of disseminating and exchanging the latest cutting edge clinical and basic scientific research.

Panel presentations

  • As president of American Neurotology Society, Lindburg Professor and Chair Craig Buchman, MD, provided several introductions and addresses to the American Neurotology Society.
  • Molly Huston, MD, moderated a panel discussion on Airway surgical expansion.
  • Judith E. C. Lieu, MD, MSPH, participated in a panel discussion on unilateral hearing loss – Where Are You Mom? What To Do About the Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss!
  • Jay F. Piccirillo, MD, participated in a General/Clinical Fundamentals Panel to discuss Lessons from COVID-19
  • Lauren Roland, MD, and Timothy Smith, MD, MPH, presented A Conversation with the Editor-In-Chief: Preparing a Publishable Paper
  • Matthew Shew, MD, participated in a panel presentation titled, Tomorrow’s Cochlear Implant Program
  • Cameron Wick, MD, participated in a panel presentation on Cochlear Implants and Vestibular Schwannoma: Who to Implant and When?

Research Presentations

phtoo of Theresa Tharakan at COSM
Otolaryngology resident Theresa Tharakan, MD, with her poster presentation at this year’s COSM.
  • Comparison of Endoscopic Over-Under and Underlay Tympanoplasty Techniques (James Bao and Cameron Wick, MD)
  • The Nasal Inflammatory Profile in COVID-19 Olfactory Dysfunction (Katherine Chang, MD, Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH, Jay Piccirillo, MD, Stacey House, MD, PhD, Justin Turner, MD, FARS, John Schneider, MD, Nyssa Farrell, MD)
  • Management of free flap failure in head and neck surgery (Ethan Craig, MD, MPH)  
  • Airway Protection and Outcomes After Staged versus Concurrent Bilateral Neck Dissections with Transoral Base Tongue Cancer Resection (Jake Lee, MD, MSCI)
  • Animal Model Of Post-viral Vagal Neuropathy (Randal C. Paniello, MD, PhD)
  • Molecular Margins: Challenges and Future Directions (Sid Puram, MD, PhD)
  • Patient and Provider Outcomes Before and After Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Implementation for Head and Neck Free Flap Surgery (Jake J. Lee, MD, MSCI)
  • How Time to Mohs Reconstruction Affects Outcome: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Sebastian Sciegienka, MD, Allison Slijepcevic MD, Emily Spataro MD, Dorina Kallogjeri MD MPH, Kim Lipsey, Collin Chen MD)
  • Elderly Head and Neck Cancer Patients (S. Andrew Skillington, MD, MSCI)
  • Vitamin D deficiency and increased pediatric obstructive sleep apnea severity (Andrew Bluher, MD, Timothy Kearney, Addy Tham, Turaj Vazifedan, Cristina M. Baldassari, MD)
  • Dysregulated Expression of HPV Related LncRNA PTENP1 by Smoking Induces Cancer Drug Resistance and Recurrence through c-MYC Activation (Jose Zevallos, MD)
  • Incidence and Management of Traumatic Facial Paralysis, an Administrative Database Study (Nneoma Wamkpah, MD, MSCI, Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH, Alison K. Snyder-Warwick, MD, Joanna L. Buss, Nedim Durakovic, MD)
  • Prospective, Observational Assessment of Factors Influencing Improvement of Quality of Life after Cochlear Implantation (Amit Walia, MD)
  • Promontory Electrocochleography Recordings to Predict Speech-Perception Performance in Cochlear Implant Recipients (Amit Walia, MD, Matthew A. Shew, MD, Shannon M. Lefler, AuD, Cameron C. Wick, MD, Nedim Durakovic, MD, Jacques A. Herzog, MD, Craig A. Buchman, MD)
  • Multiple simultaneous free flaps – a multi-institutional case series (Theresa Tharakan, MD)