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Department social events go virtual

More than 20 teams participated in the Department of Otolaryngology’s very first virtual social event, a scavenger hunt. Held via Zoom, the Sept. 24 event was designed to bring people together – even virtually — during a time when people don’t get to connect in person, according to Debbie Scherr, executive director, Business Affairs for the department.

“People were given 12 minutes to find 36 items,” said Scherr, who served as moderator and official judge. “The first team back with the most items was declared the winner.  We asked them to log in the chat when they returned and inform us of the number of items they had.  We then took those with the most and reviewed to make sure it was accurate.

“The whole event from introductions to announcing winners took about 45 minutes. Our goal was to get together and have some fun, but not take up their whole evening.”

Debbie Scherr
Zoom scavenger hunt participants

It certainly seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.  At least we think so. Once the hunt started, all the participants disappeared from the Zoom shared screens to hunt down their treasures. Laughter and commotion filled the background noise as individuals and families competed.

“The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun,” shared Beth Fisher. “Thanks for organizing.  We’re looking forward to the next virtual event!”

The winners of the treasure hunt were:

  • 1st Place – Lisa Potts with 34 of 36 items
  • 2nd place – Beth Elliott with 31 of 36 items

Both winners received Target gift cards.

Our next department virtual social event will be the 2020 pumpkin carving and decorating contest. Details are as follows:

Pediatric ENT surgeon and expert pumpkin carver, Keiko Hirose, MD, shows off her entry in the annual Pumpkin Wars: Chefs vs surgeons
  • There will be 2 contests: pumpkin carving and pumpkin decorating.
  • Department members can submit just one pumpkin entry. To submit an entry, email two pictures: one w/ you holding the pumpkin (to prove it’s yours) and one of just the pumpkin to Donna Krekel.
  • Entries are due by noon, Monday, Nov. 2.
  • On Nov 4, we will email a PowerPoint file with the pumpkin photos, along with a survey to vote.
  • You may vote for one pumpkin in each group – carved and decorated.
  • Votes are due by midnight Thursday, Nov 5. We will have one winner in each category.
  • Winners will be announced Friday, Nov. 6.