Education Fellowship

Next steps for graduating fellows

Collin L. Chen, MD

Collin Chen, MD

Plans: I am very excited to start my job at St. Louis University, where I will be an academic Facial Plastic Surgeon for the Department of Otolaryngology. I look forward to returning to the department who introduced me to this wonderful field, back when I was a medical student. 

Reflection: I will forever be indebted to the wonderful faculty and staff for everything they’ve taught me, not only in gifting me all the technical details to become a competent surgeon, but for granting me all the wisdom to know what it means to lead an honorable profession. Your wisdom and guidance will continue to mature me for years to come, and all the good I can do, all the people I can help, will be because of everything I learned right here. I will miss everyone at WashU, but I’m excited to remain in the city, and I hope to stay in touch with as many people as I can, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Katelyn O. Stepan, MD

Katelyn O. Stepan, MD

Plans: After graduation I will be headed to Chicago, where I have taken a head and neck faculty position at Northwestern.

Reflections: I have loved my fellowship experience at WashU. I am extremely grateful for the incredible mentorship and outstanding clinical and surgical training I’ve received this year. 

Craig A. Bollig, MD

Craig Bollig, MD

Plans: I will be joining the head and neck faculty at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Medical School.

Reflections: My fellowship experience this year has exceeded my expectations, and it has been an honor to train here.  The clinical volume, case complexity, and quality of instruction by the head and neck faculty here all contributed to a very enjoyable and educationally valuable year.