Pedal the Cause team raises $43K

ENT Pedal the Cause team
Department of Otolaryngology's Pedal the Cause team raised $43K for cancer research. Photo courtesy KellYeah Photography.

Cheers to our Pedal the Cause team for completing the big ride on Sept. 26 and for raising more than $43,000 to fund cancer research!

The Department of Otolaryngology’s team Heads Up has raised more than $300,000 since the first Pedal the Cause event in 2011. This year’s 53-member team included faculty, residents, medical students, staff, cancer survivors and supporters.

This year, the team ranked #3 in fundraising among all hospital-affiliated teams. 

A big thank you to all of the team donors, volunteers and riders, including 12 cancer survivors!

Team Heads Up enjoys the ride.
Chair Craig Buchman, MD, and Vice Chair for Clinical Operations Allison Ogden, MD, embrace the challenge of a long ride.

Team Heads Up 2021

  • Eric Aholt
  • Jennifer Ball
  • Tim Ball
  • Brett Buchman
  • Craig Buchman
  • Liz Buchman
  • Grant Cabell
  • Michael Chicoine
  • Shirley Chu
  • Nancy Cone
  • Derek Conine
  • Donald Conine
  • Sabrina Conine
  • Nick Diefenbach
  • Bill Edgar
  • Joel Eisleben
  • Kurt Eisleben
  • Brian Elsesser
  • Dawn Garzon
  • Shelley Giuliani
  • Obi Griffith
  • Kelly Hueseman
  • Josh Hutkins
  • Anna Jinkins
  • David Jinkins
  • William Jinkins
  • Rachel Kalbfell
  • Forrest King
  • Cindi Kreiman
  • Andrew Kuebler
  • Joel Livingston
  • Jeff Maaks
  • Barbara Nwacha
  • Allison Ogden
  • Patrik Pipkorn
  • Ashley Saitta
  • Lea Schwarz
  • Anne Stevens
  • Linda Tarrant
  • Eric Treptow
  • Sheila Treptow
  • Stockton Troyer
  • J. Visintine
  • Sam Visintine
  • Charley Wallace
  • Marelle Wallace
  • Candise White
  • Kurt Wolfgram
  • Elena Zevallos
  • Jose Zevallos
  • Jose Zevallos
  • Paul Zolkind