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Q&A on administrative office moves with Debbie Scherr

View of building at 4511 Forest Park Ave.

As some of our staff prepare to move to new offices, Department of Otolaryngology Executive Director of Business Affairs Debbie Scherr explains who is moving, where they’re going, and why the move is beneficial.

Who is moving?

Come September, about two dozen of our clinical support and administrative staff will relocate from McMillan Hospital and the Taylor Avenue Building (TAB) to 4511 Forest Park Ave. The new site is just down the street from the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) and within walking distance of the Metrolink.

Cubicles in the new otolaryngology space at 4511 Forest Park Ave.

The groups moving include telecom, billing, coding and accounting.  While most of these folks will reside in the new space, some may continue working remotely or may work a blend of remote and on-site.

Why move?

The McMillan Hospital building is being decanted in preparation for a complete renovation and the space at the Taylor Avenue Building isn’t quite big enough and is also needed by the school for other use.

What is the space like?

Suite 4500 at 4511 Forest Park will provide a blend of offices, cubicles and touchdown spaces, in addition to kitchen/break room, conference room and collaboration space.  The bulk of the suite was already equipped to meet our needs so very little renovation was required. It’s a nice space with parking adjacent to the building and within walking distance to both the CAM and Metro.

It will be great to bring all these teams together in this new location. 

Conference room in the new space.
Break room in the new space.