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Q&A with Chief Resident Parul Sinha

Chief Resident Parul Sinha, MD, at Osage Beach with daughter Aadya and husband, Abhay Kumar, MD.

What attracted you to medicine and to ENT in particular?

head shot of Dr. SInha
Parul Sinha, MD

Becoming a doctor was always my childhood dream. It was considered such a noble profession, and I loved the thought of treating and curing people. We also had a close family physician who was a very positive influence on my decision.

Medical school and residency in India is very competitive, and you have to score well on competency exams to get the preferred residency positions. I loved ENT for its complexity of treatments and involvement of many special senses – hearing, balance and taste. Head and neck cancer was also an intriguing aspect. Fortunately, I scored well enough to enter my chosen specialty.

After completing three years of ENT junior residency in India, I moved to the US to join my husband who was pursuing his residency at UF, Gainesville. I knew transferring to a US program was going to be difficult, but I resigned myself to doing whatever it took to stay in this specialty.

What do you like most about St. Louis?

Parul and Abhay at Papakolea Green Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I was aware of Washington University from reading the Washington manual textbooks but I knew nothing of St. Louis. I found it to be a place of very friendly people, easy pace of life, and historic charm. And, Forest Park is just amazing.

What about you would most surprise your fellow residents?

I love to indulge in trivia of all sorts. I also have a huge commemorative coin collection I acquired as a child. That is still in India with my mother.

Do you have a favorite book?

I read The Razor’s Edge very early in medical school. It gave me some great insight into human nature and defining what success means to you. One particular quote stuck with me: “The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to salvation is hard.” It tells me that life is often a delicate balance, but if we persevere, we can achieve our goals.

Parul and Abhay catch a moment of rest while hiking in Elephant Rock State Park.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Our daughter Aadya is 22 months old now and is learning something new every day. My time with her is very special. I also love to take road trips, reading, and hiking. On those rare occasions when I have time off and the baby is sleeping, I certainly do my share of binge watching TV shows.

What’s next for Parul Sinha?

I am looking forward to graduation and starting my fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery (FPRS) at UT Houston McGovern Medical School. My husband, Abhay Kumar, MD, has been there since 2018. I can’t wait for us to all be living as a family again.