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Virtual neurotology journal club

With COVID-19, things have clearly changed.  Drs. J. Thomas Roland, Craig Buchman, and Jacques Herzog collaborate on a national level with various research endeavors and proposed a joint NYU – Wash U journal club.  A joint journal club was an incredible opportunity to get opinions and new insights from leaders in our field. 

From NYU we had Drs. Sean McMenomey, Nicholas Deep, David Friedmann and Roland.  From WashU we had Drs. Buchman, Herzog, Cameron Wick, Jonathan McJunkin, Nedim Durakovic, and myself.   As a group we discussed two articles, one looking at the effects of cochlear implants on older adult cognition and the second looking at central functional imaging with hearing loss. 

Not only was this a great opportunity to foster discussion on controversial topics within the field of neurotology, but also a great opportunity to discuss future directions for our field and the different ways some of these new ideas are being implemented within our respective clinics. 

Additionally, we are fortunate to have strong leaders within each respective department, and this fostered insightful discussion on the current challenges and efforts we are facing in different parts of this country during these challenging times. Overall this was well received across groups and great to see friendly faces during challenging times. We plan to do this again in the future.