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Hearing researchers present latest findings at ARO MidWinter Meeting

Photo of Alexander Larson at ARO poster presentation
Alexander Larson, research technician in the Hirose Lab, walks an interested viewer through his research on cochlear inflammation at the 2023 ARO Midwinter Meeting.

The Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) held its 46th Annual MidWinter Meeting Feb. 11-15 in Orlando, FL. The meeting is the largest assembly of hearing and balance researchers in the world and features presentations of basic, applied and clinical science.

Hearing scientists from Washington University in St. Louis have for decades maintained a strong presence at the meeting. This year, contributions from basic scientists in the Department of Otolaryngology at WashU included:

Cisplatin Drives Mitochondrial Dysregulation in Zebrafish Lateral-Line Hair Cells
David Lee, Emily Bell, Angela Schrader, Mark Warchol, Lavinia Sheets

Inhibition Induces Macrophage Ablation and Protects Against Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss in Mice
Cathy Yea Won Sung, Mark Warchol, Lisa Cunningham

Glutamatergic Quantal Transmission in Peripheral Vestibular Function
Tina Pangrsic, Mohona Mukhopadhyay, Aizhen Yang-Hood, Kevin K. Ohlemiller, Maolei Xiao, Mark Warchol, Suh Jin Lee, Rebecca Pauline Seal, Maria Rubio, Mark Rutherford

Inflammation in the Vestibular Sensory Organs of Mice Following Neonatal Infection With Murine Cytomegalovirus
Mark Warchol, Song-Zhe Li, Alexander Larson, Keiko Hirose

Cross-Species Transcriptome Analysis of Sensory Hair Cells
Mahashweta Basu, Seth Ament, John Brigande, Alain Dabdoub, Albert Edge, Lisa Goodrich, Andrew Groves, Stefan Heller, Ronna Hertzano, Tatjana Piotrowski, David Raible, Yeohash Raphael, Neil Segil, Jennifer Stone, Litao Tao, Mark Warchol

GluA3 Subunit of Ampa Receptors Are Required to Prevent Synaptopathy at Inner Hair Cell Ribbon Synapses in Female Mice
Indra Pal, Mark Rutherford, Atri Bhattacharyya, Maolei Xiao, Maria Rubio

Orally Administered CSF-1R Specific Kinase (c-FMS) Inhibitor PLX-5622 Suppresses  Intracochlear Macrophage Infiltration Following Cochlear Implantation Without Affecting Fibrosis
Muhammad Rahman, Brian Mostaert, Bryce Hunger, Alexander Claussen, Ibrahim Razu, Utsow Saha, Nashwaan Khan, Jonathon Kirk, Keiko Hirose, Marlan Hansen

Dexamethasone-Eluting Cochlear Implants Reduce Intracochlear Foreign Body Response and Electrical Impedance Following Surgery in a Murine Model
Muhammad Rahman, Brian Mostaert, Bryce Hunger, Alexander Claussen, Peter Eckard, Utsow Saha, Ibrahim Razu, Cristina Garcia, Douglas Bennion, Jonathon Kirk, Keiko Hirose, Marlan Hansen

Round Window Entry Alone Without Cochlear Implantation Induces Cochlear Inflammation
Alexander Larson, William Marshall, Song-Zhe Li, Valentin Militchin, Marlan Hansen, Keiko Hirose

Congenital Murine CMV Promotes Cochlear Inflammation and Focal Loss of Sensory Cells
Song-Zhe Li, Alexander Larson, Keiko Hirose

photo of researchers at dinner
Old friends and new gathered for dinner at this year’s meeting.