WashU ENT specialists attend Combined Sections Meeting

photo of residents at meeting
Residents Bowl competitors DFDavid Lee, MD, Theresa Tharakan, MD, and Katherine Chang, MD, celebrate with Chair Craig Buchman, MD.

Ear, nose and throat specialists assembled in San Diego, California January 26-28 for the Triological Society’s annual Combined Sections Meeting. The meeting is one of several annual events sponsored by the society to encourage and assist otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons and other healthcare professionals develop, maintain, and enhance their knowledge and skills in pursuit of improved patient care through education, research and fellowship.

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the Middle Section George Adams, MD, Young Faculty Award to Washington University head and neck surgeon Sid Puram, MD, PhD. Established in 2007, the award is given annually to a young academic otolaryngologist from the Middle Section, chosen by a committee of peers and department chairs. The award was presented this year by Middle Section Vice President Bruce Gantz, MD.

photo of Sid Puram accepting award
Sid Puram, MD, PhD, accepts the George Adams, MD, Award from Middle Section Vice President Bruce Gantz, MD.

One always popular event of the meeting is the Residents Bowl competition, designed to test the clinical knowledge of competing teams of residents. This year, WashU ENT was well represented by the team of Katherine Chang, MD, David Lee, MD, and Theresa Tharakan, MD.

“George Adams was a true leader in head and neck cancer through his clinical work and research. I am deeply honored to receive this award which embodies his legacy and contributions to our field,” said Puram. “I hope to emulate Dr. Adams and make serious contributions to head and neck cancer. I am humbled to be named and very grateful to the Triological Society.” 

The Triological Society promotes research into the causes of and treatments for otolaryngic diseases to encourage the highest standards in the field of otolaryngology. This year, contributions from Washington University Otolaryngology faculty, residents and students included the following:

CHARGE Syndrome: E&M of Ear, Swallowing, Airway Issues and Establishing a Multidisciplinary Center
Moderator: Daniel I. Choo, MD
Panelists: Craig A. Buchman, MD, Shelagh A. Cofer, MD, Alessandro de Alarcon, MD, MPH

Progression of Noninvasive Fungal Sinusitis to Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: A Systematic Review
Sabrina Shi-Rui Goyal, Michelle Doering, Peggy L. Kendall, MD, Nyssa Farrell, MD, John S. Schneider, MD, MA, Lauren T. Roland, MD, MSCI

Otology/Neurotology Session B
Moderators: Jacques H. Herzog, MD, and Mia E. Miller, MD

Taste Dysfunction after Transoral Robotic Surgery
Theresa Tharakan, MD, Ryan Jackson, MD, Sidharth V. Puram, MD, PhD, Danielle Reed, PhD, Dorina Kallogjeri, MD MPH, Jay F. Piccirillo, MD

Validation of Minimal Clinically Important Difference (MCID) for University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT)
Ashna Mahadev, Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, Jay Piccirillo, MD

How Can We Help Our Patients Do Better? Future of CI/ABI/Implantable Devices
Charles J. Limb, MD
Panelists: Marlan R. Hansen, MD, Judith E.C. Lieu, MD, MSPH, Quyen T. Nguyen, MD PhD

Fatigue in Children with Hearing Loss and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Rebecca Z. Lin, Amy L. Zhang, Emma K. Landes, Amy E. Ensing, Henok Getahun, Judith E.C. Lieu, MD, MSPH

Rate of Anosmia among Patients Taking Cardiac Medications: A 2013-2014 NHANES Cross-Sectional Study
Patrick Ioerger, Jay F. Piccirillo, MD

Increasing the Use of Effect Size and Confidence Intervals when Reporting Results: An Opportunity for Improvement
Brevin J. Miller, Jay F. Piccirillo, MD

Flow through Microvascular Anastomosis in Double Free Flap Head and Neck Reconstruction: A Case Series
Katherine W. Chang, MD, Jake J. Lee, MD, Patrik Pipkorn, MD