And the winner is…

Washington University’s Department of Otolaryngology recently showed their Halloween spirit with a virtual costume contest. Faculty and staff voted for their favorite costume. Check out the creative entries below:

Pediatric otolaryngologist Andrew Bluher, MD, does his best impersonation of the Suez Canal. Feeling a little blocked up today, doc?
Emily Peck as a Runn(y)ing Nose…Can’t catch this!
Lauren Blankenship took the way-back machine to the 1950s.
The Wick family, featuring Cameron Wick, MD, on guitar, channels 80s rock group, ACDC.
Bryce Hoener gets animated with his rendition of Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado.
Heidi Livingston is “Addicted to Love” and Robert Palmer.
Science is no joke. Unless you happen to be Dr. Lavinia Sheets, AKA Hester the Sad Jester.
Sarah Kukuljan shows her sinister side as the Evil Princess.
The Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences (PACS) does Saturday Night Live…the Monday morning version.

And, the winners are:

1st Place, and winner of a $40 Target gift card: Emily Peck (Running nose)

2nd Place, and winner of a $25 Target gift card : Andrew Bluher, MD (Suez Canal)