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ENT interns impressed by depth of training and professional support

2021 Otolaryngology interns: Joe Roh, MD, Daniel Romano, MD, Amrita Hari-Raj, MD, K. Andrew Cutshaw, MD, and Andrew Charap, MD.

As they approach the end of their first rotations as residents in the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University, we checked in to see how things were going with our new interns. Their responses indicate a strong appreciation for the depth of training and collegial support they have encountered.

head shot of Amrita Hari-Raj, MD
Amrita Hari-Raj, MD

Amrita Hari-Raj, MD

Rotation: St. Louis Children’s Hospital

First impressions: “Intern year comes with a steep learning curve, but I continue to be inspired by the wealth of collegiality and support as well as the diverse patient population and robust case volume here. I am so excited to be a part of the WashU Otolaryngology team!”

Highlights: “The highlight so far has been seeing patients in interdisciplinary aerodigestive and cleft palate/craniofacial clinics, working with dental implants, and assisting with a mandibular fracture fixation.”

head shot of Andrew Charap, MD
Andrew Charap, MD

Andrew Charap, MD

Rotation: Head & Neck Surgery

First impressions: “Nothing can truly prepare you for the transition from medical school to residency. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve learned this past month. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am at the end of this year. Every day I am impressed by the talent of my co-residents. I’ve yet to meet someone in this program who isn’t knowledgeable and hardworking. More importantly, they’re always willing to share that knowledge with me.”

Highlights: “The most memorable event so far has been PGY-4 Jake Lee, MD, talking me through a neck dissection during my first week of residency. Grabbing dinner with my team after a long day is also great. I knew toasted ravs were good, but I didn’t know they were going to be that good.”

head shot of Daniel Romano, MD
Daniel Romano, MD

Daniel Romano, MD

Rotation: Pediatric Surgery/General Surgery

First impressions: “I’m amazed every day by how down-to-earth, patient, supportive, and welcoming everyone at WashU/BJC/SLCH has been in my first month of residency. It’s been such a great place to learn and grow as a new ENT resident.”

Highlights: “I’ve been particularly impressed by the quality of the didactic curriculum at WashU ENT. Rotating off-service, I’ve really enjoyed the resident induction course series, where I’ve been able to supplement my on-the-job learning with lectures from senior residents and faculty members and mingle with co-residents over bagels and coffee.”

head shot of Joseph Roh, MD
Joseph Roh, MD

Joseph Roh, MD

Rotation: Thoracic surgery

First impressions: “My first month as an intern has been exciting and daunting, learning how to navigate the hospital in new ways with new responsibilities as I care for patients. Though I know the hospital reasonably well from medical school, it’s still a very different experience.”

Highlights: “Starting on thoracic surgery has been interesting since I’ve been able to participate in several lung transplants and see and care for patients with pathology that is similar to what we see in ENT. Though I’ve learned a lot in my first month, I am constantly reminded of how much I don’t know. I’m especially excited to get back to ENT rotations to advance my otolaryngologic training.”

head shot of Kenneth Cutshaw, MD
K. Andrew Cutshaw, MD

K. Andrew Cutshaw, MD

Rotation: ENT consult

First impressions: “Intern year has been full of exciting new experiences and responsibilities. It is absolutely amazing how much we learn every day.”

Highlights: “I am so impressed by the amount of early operative experience we get during our intern year. Also, the support and collegiality from my fellow residents, the faculty and staff creates a great working environment! The welcome social event at one of the senior resident’s homes was also a highlight of the first few weeks.”