Events / Induction Course

Induction Course

7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Sim Lab, 6th Floor FLTC, 520 S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110

7:00-11:00 – Medtronic Stealth  In-service and Rhinology dissection course with image guidance

Group A: Simulation lab 7:00AM-9:00AM, then In-service 9:00AM-10:00A
Craig, Sciegienka, Ramirez, Last, Wahle, Barrett, Lander, Youssef, Hari-Raj, Romano, Garvey, Roychowdhury, Wu, Lee (David), Varghese

Group B: Inservice 8:00AM-9:00AM, then Simulation lab 9:00AM-11:00AM
Douglas, Lee (Jake), Chang, Sindhar, Wamkpah, Dang, Walia, Charap, Roh, Rincon, Peterson, Watson, Strober, Tharakan

Please note: The in-service will take place in OLD Ogura (9th floor McMillan). If you need to switch groups, please try to trade with someone from your cohort. Breakfast will be provided.