Keiko Hirose, MD, begins term as president of ARO

photo of Keiko Hirose, MD

Keiko Hirose, MD, professor of otolaryngology is the new president of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO).

Dr. Hirose says, “it is truly an honor to be nominated and elected as president of ARO. The organization features some of the highest impact research in auditory neuroscience and provides a critical network of scientists and investigators in the hearing sciences and in medicine and audiology for advancing our field.  I have been a member since I was a resident in the early 1990s, and I am humbled to be included in the leadership of this incredible organization.”

Dr. Hirose’s previous service to ARO is extensive.  She served on the publications committee for seven years during the launching of Journal of the ARO (JARO).  She also served three years on the Program Committee and now serves on the ARO Council and External Relations Committee. She has presented at every ARO meeting since 2000 and made a special effort to attend the meeting every year since completing her fellowship.  She views the meeting as an optimal learning environment for physician-scientists in hearing research, providing important opportunities for feedback as well as new ideas and technical approaches. 

Dr. Hirose will serve as president for the 2019-2020 term.  She is coordinating the presidential symposium for the ARO meeting in 2020 which will take place in San Jose, CA for the first time.  

What impact would Dr. Hirose like to make on the organization?  “I would like to encourage more otolaryngologists to participate in ARO, to advance the field, and to engage in research.  I would like to promote the work that is being done in our academic centers by all of those who contribute to the care of people with hearing and balance concerns. It would be wonderful for those of us who participate in patient care to be invested in research that is being done in our field that has the potential to impact our patients directly and to collaborate with those who have the skills and the background to do the amazing work of basic research.”

Please join us in thanking Dr. Hirose for her years of service to the ARO, and congratulating her on her leadership position.