Patient Care

New clinic provides the benefits of more comprehensive care

In the November edition, our first edition, of Under the Scope, we shared the exciting news about our CAM 11th  floor clinic expansion plans.   It is now complete! Designed to provide our patients the benefits of more comprehensive care, this expansion brings together all of our  adult  clinical services – otology, head and neck cancer, sinus/rhinology, general otolaryngology, laryngology, speech/voice, vestibular and cochlear – into one contiguous space of about 11,000 square feet.

Three consult rooms and two audio test booths were added to serve cochlear implant patients.

The newly expanded and renovated space also provides faculty and staff the benefits of a procedure room,  more clinical workstations, and a total of 16 exam rooms.

The entire suite is fresh and new from the flooring and paint to the  bright and  modern artwork. New display monitors highlight our services and providers to patients in the waiting area.

We’ve added equipment and furniture as needed throughout and equipped each exam room with a PC allowing more efficient access to EMR.  The space has truly come together nicely and is something we can be proud of.

Thank you to all the faculty and staff for their time and patience as we worked through the challenges this renovation presented.