Team Heads Up rocks Pedal the Cause

photo of team Heads Up
Team Heads Up celebrates at Pedal the Cause.

Congratulations to our department’s Pedal the Cause team for raising the most money in its 10-year history! Comprised of 70 members, Team Heads Up raised $57,000, a 40% increase over what we raised last year, placing us #4 among all of the 28 hospital affiliates. Thank you to all of our generous donors!

This year’s team of 70 cancer survivors, family, friends and caregivers, included 42 riders, three spinners, two virtual riders, two kids challenge riders and 20 volunteers. Together, they came together to help build a world without cancer.

A very special thank you to all of our Team Heads Up members:

Kids Challenge Meg Myckatyn
Kids Challenge Elena Zevallos
Kids Challenge Jose Zevallos
Rider Joseph Bradley
Rider Craig Buchman
Rider Liz Buchman
Rider Derek Conine
Rider Donald Conine
Rider Sabrena Conine
Rider Nick Diefenbach
Rider Joel Eisleben
Rider Kurt Eisleben
Rider Jill Farmer
Rider John Farmer
Rider Anna Jinkins
Rider David Jinkins
Rider Roger Jinkins
Rider William Jinkins
Rider Michele Kemp
Rider Cindi Kreiman
Rider Heidi  Lee
Rider AislingLeonard
Rider David Leonard
Rider David Molter
Rider Barbara Nwacha
Rider John Kennedy Nwacha
Rider Allison Ogden
Rider Joshua Osbun
Rider Patrik Pipkorn
Rider Ashley Saitta
Rider Paul Saitta
Rider Lea Schwarz
Rider Thomas Shilling
Rider Linda Tarrant
Rider Eric Treptow
Rider Sheila Treptow
Rider Jennifer Visintine
Rider Charley Wallace
Rider Marelle Wallace
Rider Candise White
Rider Christian  Wolfgram
Rider Kurt Wolfgram
Rider Robin Wolfgram
Rider Amy Wooten
Rider Jose Zevallos
Stationary Bike Beth Elliott
Stationary Bike Matt Neatock
Stationary Bike Amanda Ortmann
Virtual Rider Obi Griffith
Virtual Rider Jason Rich
Volunteer Craig Barnes
Volunteer Kelly Barnes
Volunteer Tara Bommarito
Volunteer Carole Bradshaw
Volunteer Kathleen Cardwell
Volunteer Michael Cardwell
Volunteer Emily Hunt
Volunteer Lawanda Jackson
Volunteer Stacy Jansen
Volunteer Reszhene Lewis
Volunteer Allison Martin
Volunteer Mason Martin
Volunteer Edith Meyer
Volunteer Meredith Meyer
Volunteer Amy Morse
Volunteer Melissa Portell
Volunteer Mike Schwarz
Volunteer Brian Tampow
Volunteer Patty Tampow
Volunteer Mahala Thurman