Amanda J. Ortmann, PhD

Amanda J. Ortmann, PhD

Associate Professor
Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery


  • BS (Mathematics and Communications): Missouri Baptist University (2001)
  • MSSH (Audiology): Washington University in St. Louis (2003)
  • PhD (Communication Sciences and Disorders): University of Pittsburgh (2012)

Leadership roles and honors

  • Director, Adult audiology
  • Director of Audiology Studies, Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences
  • Distinguished alumni award, Missouri Baptist University, 2018
  • Margo Skinner Award, Missouri Academy of Audiology, 2016
  • James Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Award, 2012

Selected publications

  1. Koka K, Riggs WJ, Dwyer R, Holder JT, Noble JH, Dawant BM, Ortmann AJ,… Labadie, R. F. (2018). Intra-Cochlear Electrocochleography During Cochear Implant Electrode Insertion Is Predictive of Final Scalar Location. Otol & Neurotol 39(8), e654–e659.
  2. Smith SW, Ortmann AJ, Clark WW. (2018) Noise in the NICU: A new approach to examining acoustic events Noise Health 20(95):121-130. Abdala C, Ortmann AJ, Shera CA. (2018) Reflection- and Distortion-Source Otoacoustic Emissions: Evidence for Increased Irregularity in the Human Cochlea During Aging?” J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 16(5):493-510.
  3. Zhang M, Pratt SR, Doyle PJ, McNeil MR, Durrant JD, Roxberg J, Ortmann A. (2017) Audiological assessment of word recognition skills in persons with aphasia Am J Audiol 7: 1-18.
  4. Ortmann AJ and Abdala C. (2016) Changes in the compressive nonlinearity of the cochlea during early aging: Estimates from distortion OAE input/output functions Ear Hear 37:603-614.
  5. Ortmann AJ and Neely JG. (2012) Sudden sensorineural hearing loss and delayed complete sudden spontaneous recovery: A case report. J Am Acad Audiol 23:249-255.
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