Emma Watson, MD, PhD

Emma Watson, MD, PhD

MD: Baylor College of Medicine

Hometown: Bangor, Northern Ireland

Personal Statement: I am ecstatic to match into otolaryngology at Washington University in St. Louis, and I am honored to be able to train at a place with both surgical and research excellence. I look forward to working hard with supportive co-residents and faculty, learning all I can, and taking care of patients as I continue on my path to become a surgeon-scientist!


Undergraduate: University of Kansas, Lawrence, 2013

PhD: Rice University, Houston, TX, 2020

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, 2021


  • Richard R.  Dickason, Jr., MD, PhD, Outstanding Physician Scientist Award for 2021–2022, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, 2017-2020
  • Frank Kretzer Award for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Outstanding Senior in Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, 2013


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