Q&A with resident Zachary Douglas

Zachary and the PGY3 cohort, from left: Sebastian Sciegienka, Tom Barrett, Ethan Craig, Amit Walia, and Zachary Douglas

What do you like most about the residency program at Wash U?

The best thing about training at WashU has been the people. This is one of the largest ENT residency programs in the country and we have an incredible group of fun, down-to-earth, and exceptionally talented people. We have a very positive culture, and my resident classmates are some of my best friends. I think we are all very grateful to be at a renowned program with such breadth of clinical and academic resources.

What surprised you most about the training?

I was surprised how early you can get involved as a resident here. The surgical and clinical opportunities are really there for you to make the most of. It’s surprised me how fast the first two years have gone by! I’ve also been surprised by the patient population here. By and large St Louisans are very level-headed, humble, and appreciative patients which makes it a joy to train here.

Is St. Louis any different from what you expected?

The Douglas family: Zachary with wife Jamie and son David.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, and came to St. Louis in 2008 to do undergrad at WashU.  There were lots of surprising things about St. Louis but I fell in love with the charm and history of the city. There is a ton to do and see, but it’s still very relaxed and uncrowded. After college I moved to Washington, DC, and then home to Seattle for medical school, but when time came to apply for residency I knew I wanted to come back to St. Louis. It’s a terrific city to raise a family and have a great quality of life as a resident.

What are your hopes for when you complete your training?

I discovered ENT when I developed vestibular neuritis as a medical student. The vertigo subsided but the interest in ENT remained, and led me to get involved in a lab doing neurotology research. I’ve enjoyed many aspects of other subspecialities and still have time to decide but as of now I’d like to pursue an otology/neurotology fellowship.

What are your hobbies/outside interests?

Owen Douglas was welcomed to the Douglas family August 6, 2020.

I like to spend time outdoors, enjoy St. Louis’ parks, try new restaurants, travel (before COVID, anyhow), hike, and snowboard. Mostly I like to spend time with my family. I have a beautiful wife, Jamie and a four-year-old boy David who is always full of energy and keeps me on my toes. And, August 6 we added the newest member to the Douglas clan, son Owen.

What are your favorite restaurants in St. Louis?

There’s so many. Cate Zone, Sultan Mediterranean Grill, 58hundred, Balkan Treat Box, STL Soup Dumplings, Union Loafers, Pastaria, and Guerilla Street Food come to mind. My mom always says I’m a good eater.