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Wick oversees 2023 Neurotology Bootcamp

photo of Neurotology Bootcamp participants

Washington University neurotologist Cameron Wick, MD, served as director of this year’s Neurotology Bootcamp, held May 19-21 at the Stryker Learning Center in Salt Lake City.

photo of Stryker Learning Center
Facilities at the Stryker Learning Center in Salt Lake City allow for intensive hands-on dissection.

Started in 2018, Neurotology Bootcamp is designed to bring together all incoming neurotology fellows to learn from young renowned faculty who are active members of the American Neurotology Society. Invitations are sent to all incoming fellows once match results are finalized. This year, for the first time, 100% (21) of incoming fellows participated in the course.

According to Wick, the goal of Bootcamp is to smooth the transition into fellowship by providing an intense training course focused on concentrated instruction and attention from faculty mentors.

Washington University Associate Professor Cameron Wick, MD, and incoming neurotology fellow Miriam Smetak, MD, MS.

“Bootcamp is meant to give all incoming fellows a hands-on opportunity to practice the lateral skull base approaches they will soon master during their training,” said Wick. “It also promotes comradery amongst the class and provides a comfortable environment in which to share tips for a successful fellowship and early career.”

The course is a combination of virtual and in-person lectures and hands-on cadaveric dissection. This year’s event featured a total of six faculty mentors. Resident alum (2014) and UCSF Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Jeffrey Sharon, MD, served as co-director of the course.

Incoming WashU neurotology fellow Miriam Smetak, MD, MS, thought the course was absolutely state-of-the-art.

“We were each provided our own drill station where we had the opportunity to practice advanced skull base procedures with the guidance of the faculty,” she said. “It was one of the best courses I’ve ever been to, and definitely made me feel more prepared to start fellowship in a few weeks.”