Cochlear implants turn ‘hearing back on’ for patients with single-sided deafness

photo of young woman with cochlear implant

Washington University School of Medicine experts have long been at the forefront of improving hearing for individuals with single-sided deafness (SSD). Now, with improvements in cochlear implant technology and recent FDA approvals for cochlear implants for those with single-sided deafness, Washington University’s Department of Otolaryngology is poised to treat even more patients with SSD while […]

Clinical trial restores hearing for acoustic neuroma patients

In a unique clinical trial, five acoustic neuroma patients have received cochlear implants at the time of their tumor removal. Early results are very encouraging. Four of five patients have had their implants activated. Three of these have achieved sound awareness and more importantly demonstrated increased performance in word and sentence recognition tests compared to […]

ENT expands research efforts with new clinical trials

The Department of Otolaryngology is one of the top five recipients of National Institutes of Health funding for otolaryngology research in the U.S., making it one of the leaders in the field. The department currently has 176 open research projects, according to Sara Kukuljan, manager of the division of clinical research. These include: clinical and […]

History is made restoring hearing in patients with acoustic neuromas

Surgeons at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis made history on July 15 when they completed the first case in a clinical trial to restore hearing in patients with vestibular schwannomas, also known as acoustic neuromas. The July operation at Barnes-Jewish Hospital marked the first use of the MED-EL Auditory Nerve Test System […]