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Hearing researchers share findings

Researchers from the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University recently attended the Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, the largest meeting of hearing scientists in the world.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the 2022 meeting, Feb. 5-9, was forced to move to an all-virtual format, but that did not dampen participation by the WashU scientists :

Symposium presentations

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – an ‘Omic Path to Treatment
From TTS to PTS Noise – A Review of Changes to the Inner Ear Structure and Function
Presenter: Keiko Hirose, MD

Keiko Hirose, MD

Poster presentations

Dexamethasone Eluting Arrays Suppress MHCII Mediated Antigen Presentation in Cochlea Following Cochlear Implantation
Authors: Peter Eckard, Muhammad Rahman, Brian Mostaert, Bryce Hunger, Cristina Garcia, Rong Zhuo Hua, Douglas Bennion, Shoujun Gu, Rafal Olszewski, Jonathon Kirk, Michael Hoa, Keiko Hirose, Marlan Hansen

Dexamethasone Eluting Implants Suppress Infiltration of Lymphocytes in Cochlea following Cochlear Implantation
Authors: Bryce Hunger, Muhammad Rahman, Brian Mostaert, Peter Eckard, Cristina Garcia, Rong Zhuo Hua, Douglas Bennion, Jonathon Kirk, Michael Hoa, Keiko Hirose, Marlan Hansen

Interferon Gamma Expression in the Mouse Cochlea After Congenital CMV Infection
Authors: William Marshall, Shelby Payne, Songzhe LI, Keiko Hirose

Mark Warchol, PhD

Differential Gene Expression in the Developing Mouse Cochlea Caused by Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection
Authors: Alexander Larson, Song-Zhe Li, Mark Warchol, Keiko Hirose

Peripheral and Central Auditory Function and Dysfunction in APP/PS1 Mice
Carla Yuede, Kevin Ohlemiller, Chanung Wang, Maolei Xiao, Clare Wallace, Melanie Holmgren, Lavinia Sheets, David Wozniak, David Holtzman, John Cirrito, Mark Warchol, Mark Rutherford

Loss of Strial Phenotype in Genetically Recovered lpr (Lupus) Mouse Model
Authors: Kevin K. Ohlemiller, Jaclynn Lett, Mackenzie Mills, Robert H. Withnell

Macrophages Are Recruited Into the GER Region of the Developing Cochlea, but Are Not Essential for GER Regression
Authors: Vikrant Borse, Tejbeer Kaur, Ashley Hinton, Kevin Ohlemiller, Mark Warchol

headshot of Lavinia Sheets
Lavinia Sheets, PhD

GluA3 Subunits Are Required for the Appropriate Assembly of AMPA Receptors at Cochlear Afferent Synapses and for Presynaptic Modiolar-Pillar Features
Authors: Mark Rutherford, Atri Bhattacharyya, Maolei Xiao, Hou Ming Cai, Indra Pal, Maria Rubio

Effects of Dexamethasone on Hair Cell Homeostasis and Function
Authors: Allison Saettele, Hiu Tung Wong, Katie Kindt, Lavinia Sheets

Pou4f3 is Required for the Development of Type I Hair Cells in the Mouse Utricle
Authors: Vikrant Borse, Brandon Cox, Mark Warchol

head shot of Matthew Shew, MD
Matthew Shew, MD

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells-Activated Repair Pathways Protect Mice From Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Authors: Athanasia Warnecke, Jennifer Harre, Matthew Shew, Adam J. Mellot, Igor Majewski, Martin Durisin, Hinrich Stecker

Evaluation of Peripheral Causes for Poor Performance in Cochlear Implant Recipients
Authors: Sandra Prentiss, Matthew Shew, Athanasia Warnecke, Molly Smeal, Xue Liu, Hinrich Staecker

Podium presentations

Dexamethasone-Eluting Cochlear Implants Reduce Intracochlear Foreign Body Response Following Surgery
Authors: Muhammad Rahman, Brian Mostaert, Bryce Hunger, Peter Eckard, Cristina Garcia, Rong Zhuo Hua, Douglas Bennion, Jonathon Kirk, Keiko Hirose, Marlan Hansen

Kevin Ohlemiller, PhD

Cochlear Supporting Cells Require GAS2 for Cytoskeletal Architecture and Hearing
Authors: Tingfang Chen, Alex M. Rohacek, Matthew Caporizzo, Amir Nankali, Jeroen Smits, Jaap Oostrik, Erdi Kücük, Christian Gilissen, Jiddeke M. van de Kamp, Ronald J.E. Pennings, Staci M. Rakowiecki, Kevin K. Ohlemiller, Klaus Kaestner, John S. Oghalai, Hannie Kremer, Benjamin L. Prosser, Douglas J. Epstein.

How Distributed is the Active Process in Generating Cubic Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions?
Authors: Yi Shen, Robert Withnell, Mackenzie Mills, Kevin Ohlemiller

Lateral Line Ablation by Different Ototoxins Results in Distinct Rheotaxis Profiles in Fish
Authors: Kyle Newton, David Kacev, Simon Nilsson, Sam Golden, Lavinia Sheets

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