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WashU ENT has strong presence at annual AAO-HNSF meeting

photo of ENT group at AAO meeting
Catching up with resident alumni is a highlight of the meeting. From left: alum Avi Ettyreddy, MD, Jacques Herzog, MD, Allison Ogden, MD, Matt Shew, MD, Amit Walia, MD, and Dave Leonard, MBBCh.

Faculty, fellows and residents from the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University shared their latest research and surgical expertise at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNSF) in Philadelphia, Sept. 10-14.

WashU ENT contributions by specialty included the following:


Slim Modiolar vs. Lateral Wall Electrode Arrays in the Setting of Hearing Preservation
Presenting Author: Kevin Zhan, MD, Senior Author: Jacques Herzog, MD, Co-Author: Craig Buchman, MD, Co-Author: Nedim Durakovic, MD, Co-Author: Amit Walia, MD, Co-Author: Matthew Shew, MD (this entry also chosen for presentation at Best of Scientific Orals)

Frequency-Position Function of the Human Cochlea—Is Greenwood’s Map Wrong?
Presenting author: Amit Walia, MD, MSCI, co-authors: Amanda J. Ortmann, PhD; Shannon M. Lefler; Matthew A. Shew, MD; Jacques A. Herzog, MD; Craig A. Buchman, MD

Smoking and Middle Ear Surgery Hearing Outcomes: A Retrospective Study
Presenting Author: Vincent La, Co-Author: Prithwijit Roychowdhury, MD, Co-Author: Judith Kempfle, MD, Senior Author: Aaron Remenschneider, MD MPH

Update on the Evaluation and Management of Pulsatile Tinnitus
Moderator: Soha Ghossaini, MD, FACS, Panelist: Syed Ahsan, MD, Panelist: Alexander Bien, MD, FACS, Panelist: Cameron Wick, MD

Temporal Bone Imaging for Surgical Decision Making
Moderator: Cameron Wick, MD, Panelist: Meredith Adams, MD, MS, Panelist: Marc Bennett


Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation for the Treatment of COVID-related Olfactory Dysfunction
Presenting Author: David Lerner, MD, Senior Author: Alfred-Marc Iloreta, MD, Co-Author: Anthony Del Signore, MD, Co-Author: Katherine Garvey, MD, MPH, Co-Author: Satish Govindaraj, MD, Co-Author: Evan Kominsky, BA

Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: Up-to-date Treatment Strategies
Moderator: Patricia Loftus, MD, Panelist: Lauren Roland, MD, MSCI, Panelist: Matthew Russell, MD, Panelist: Justin Turner, MD, PhD

What’s on the horizon? Biologics for nasal polyposis
Speakers: Kent Lam, MD, Lauren Roland, MD, MSCI

Risk Factors of Postoperative Hypopituitarism and Endocrinopathy After Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoidal Surgery
Presenting Author: Jake Lee, MD, MSCI, Senior Author: Lauren Roland, MD, MSCI, Co-Authors: Julie Silverstein, MD; Brian Deutsch, MD, MSCI; John Schneider, MD; Albert Kim, MD, PhD; Patrik Pipkorn, MD; Nyssa Farrell, MD

Voice and Airway

Gender-based Differences in Letters of Recommendation in Otolaryngology
Senior Author: Molly Huston, MD, Presenting Author: Sophie Gerndt, MD, Co-Author: Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH, Co-Author: Margaret Ogden, MD, Co-Author: Judith Lieu, MD, MSPH

Head & Neck Surgery

p16+ (HPV+) OPSCC: a Surgical Approach to Management
Moderator: C. Burton Wood, MD, Panelist: Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Panelist: Ryan Jackson, MD, Panelist: Wade Thorstad, MD

MINT I Secondary Analysis: Hearing Outcomes in Deescalated Treatment Regimens for Human Papillomavirus–Related Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Presenting Author: David Lee, MD, Co-Author: Rajwant Mahal, BS, Co-Author: Cameron Wick, MD, Co-Author: Wade Thorstad, MD, Co-Author: Douglas Adkins, MD, Senior Author: Jose Zevallos, MD, MPH

Older Head and Neck Cancer Patients: To Operate or Not to Operate? Part 1
Moderator: Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Panelist: Nicole Schmitt, MD, Panelist: Neal Futran, MD, DMD, Panelist: Stephen Kang, MD, FACS

Older Head and Neck Cancer Patients: To Operate or Not to Operate? Part 2
Moderator: Nicole Schmitt, MD, Panelist: Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Panelist: Neal Futran, MD, DMD, Panelist: Stephen Kang, MD, FACS

How to Approach Margins in Head and Neck Cancer: A Practitioner’s Guide
Lead Presenter: Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Co-Presenter: Mark Varvares, MD

Prophylactic Antisepsis in Open and Endoscopic Surgery of the Head and Neck: Past, Present, and Remaining Questions
Moderator: Joseph Zenga, MD, Panelist: Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Panelist: Neal Futran, MD, DMD, Panelist: Lauren Roland, MD, MSCI

Outcomes of Free Tissue Reconstruction in Mesh Cranioplasty: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Authors: Katherine Chang, MD, Lydia Zhong, David Lee, MD, Sidharth Puram, MD, PhD, Ryan Jackson, MD, Patrick Pipkorn, MD

Pediatric otolaryngology

Pediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss: The First Visit
Lead Instructor: Samantha Anne, MD, MS, Instructors: Judith Lieu, MD, Instructors: Michael Cohen, MD, Instructors: Daniel Choo, MD

Comprehensive ENT

What Salivary Endoscopy Can & Cannot Do: a Primer to Effectively Work with Your Colleagues
Moderator: Margaret Ogden, MD, Panelist: Carol Bier-Laning, MD MBA FACS, Panelist: David Cohen, MD, Panelist: Henry Hoffman, MD

Recent Publications That Could Change Your Practice in Pediatric and Comprehensive Otolaryngology
Moderator: Jennifer Shin, MD, SM, Panelist: Scott Brietzke, MD, MPH, Panelist: Jay Piccirillo, MD, Panelist: Michael Stewart, MD, MPH